Encinitas Ranch Men’s Golf Club


Our pace of play policy is adapted from the new SCGA policy tested and implemented in 2013, and is compliant with the guidelines established by the management of Encinitas Ranch Golf Course. This policy puts the responsibility on the player to maintain an efficient pace throughout the round.


The Tournament Committee at each competition will determine the maximum allotted time each group is permitted to play the stipulated round. The hole-by-hole times for completion will be printed on scorecards and every group is expected to maintain a pace faster than the maximum allotted time. The stipulated round is complete when the last player in the group completes play of the final hole and the flagstick is replaced.


The lead group must finish their stipulated round within the maximum allotted time. At Encinitas Ranch, the maximum allotted time is 4 hours and 30 minutes for groups with starting times of 9:00 am or later. If they finish over the maximum allotted time each player will be assessed a two-stroke penalty to be applied to Hole #18.
• Exception: If the lead group is held up by play that was sent out before them, they will be exempt from the pace of play penalty if they finish over their allotted time, but within 14 minutes of the group ahead of them.


Any subsequent group must finish their stipulated round within the maximum allotted time. If they finish over the maximum allotted time, they must finish within 14 minutes of the group ahead of them. If they finish over the maximum allotted time AND more than 14 minutes behind the group ahead of them (out of position), each player will be assesseda two- stroke penalty to be applied to Hole #18.


If a group does not finish within their allotted time due to circumstances beyond their control (such as a ruling or a ball search on the final hole, or any other circumstances which the Committee deems to be exceptional) but the group was otherwise in position prior to the play of their final hole, the Committee may be justified in waiving the penalty. Being in position means to be immediately behind the group in front of you. The committee is the sole judge in assessing or waiving pace of play penalties.


Monitor your position constantly. Cooperate as a group to catch up immediately if you have a difficult hole and start to fall behind. If you lose sight of the group ahead late in the round, there may not be time to regain position.
• If the group ahead of you suddenly takes action to regain their position, be prepared to play quickly to catch up with them.
If someone in your group is slowing you down, take charge and address the problem. Ask them to pick up the pace. All of you are subject to penalty if your group finishes behind the pace and out of position.
• Play READY GOLF. If the player further from the hole isn’t ready and you are—pull the trigger.
Move efficiently around the course. Don’t sit in the cart and wait for someone else to play—take a couple of clubs and your range finder and walk to your ball. Walk ahead to your ball if you are not in someone’s line of play.
• On the green, survey your putt while others are marking their balls and preparing to play. Be ready when it is your turn. Don’t mark a six-inch putt— tap it in. When you and your cart mate have holed out, move to the next tee and put a ball in play.
Play a Provisional Ball if there is any concern that your original ball may be lost or out of bounds. Be aware of the Local Rule allowing play of a Provisional Ball on holes #8 and #17 at Encinitas Ranch. Going back to put another ball in play is a pace killer.
Don’t spend time looking for a ball that is clearly out of play. If you can’t afford a new ball, golf is not your sport.
• In stroke play, the first one to the tee should put a peg in the ground and get a ball in the air. “Honors” should be disregarded.
At the turn, don’t wait for your sandwich—ask the staff to bring it out to you. You are allowed five extra minutes at the turn, but you will lose position if you lollygag.

Our Men’s Club golf events will be more fun and better supported when we cooperate to eliminate slow play..