Wednesday Sweeps Rules

Sweeps Players,

If you intend to play on Wednesday in the Men’s Club Sweeps, please remember that you are competing
for prizes against all others in the field—not just among the players in your pairing.

To be fair, everyone must play by the Rules of Golf as established by the club for Sweeps competitions.
As a reminder, you may not take a mulligan, you must hole all putts, and you may not improve your lie
at any place on the course.

Any player who does not adhere strictly to the Rules must not submit a score in Sweeps competition.
You are required to exchange score cards before beginning play, and the scorer and the player must sign
the card to attest accurate hole by hole scores.

The penalty for signing an incorrect score card is disqualification.

If you or your group has become relaxed in observance of the Rules, you can start over in respect of the
game and in respect of your fellow competitors by insisting on holing putts and playing the ball as it lies.
Let’s be mindful of the special nature of our game—we play by the Rules, even when no one is watching.

Please notify Rich Busby (Sweeps Chairman) or Chris Locke (Sweeps Scorer) if you have concerns about
observance of the Rules. Or, you may contact me with concerns, comments, or rules questions.

Thank you for your participation in the Men’s Club at Encinitas Ranch.