Policy & Guidelines for Men's Club Entries To SCGA Tournaments of Club Champion Events

The ERMGC is allowed to submit up to four (4) entrants to SCGA “Tournament of Club Champions” events each year. We can register entrants in each of three categories as described below.
1. TOCC Gross (index of 2.4 or below at time of registration)
2. Senior TOCC Gross (index of 5.4 or below at time of registration, age 55 or older)
3. TOCC Net Flights (may enter two if one qualifies as Senior Net Club Champion)
o Index of 2.5 – 24.4 at time of registration
o Seniors must be 55 or older by the date of the event (December)
o Entrant must be recognized as NET Club Champion or Senior NET Club Champion to qualify.
If we fail to have a qualified entrant in either gross category above, we can submit the gross champion as one of our entrants in category 3.

We will register qualified entrants in each category as described below. If the winner declines participation, no substitutions are allowed. Runners-up do not qualify.

• TOCC Gross – (index 2.4 or below): Champ Flight winner in September Match Play. If the September winner is not qualified, there will be no entry.
• TOCC Senior Gross – (index 5.4 or below): Low Gross score by a senior playing from the blue tees (Champ Flight or A-Net Flight) in ERMGC “Senior Club Championship” played concurrent with May Poinsettia Cup event over 36 holes of stroke play. If the winner is not qualified, there will be no entry.
• Net TOCC – (index 2.5-24.4 / senior must be age 55 or over): Qualified winners in Net Flights A, B, and C in September Match Play will play off at a subsequent 18-hole handicap stroke play event from the green tees to determine eligibility. The winner of the play off qualifies as the Net Club Champion. The winner will be registered in Net Flights.
Note: In the event that we have no qualified entrant to TOCC Gross or TOCC Senior Gross, the winner(s) would be given first priority to enter the Net TOCC event.
If we have two openings in the Net TOCC category, spots are determined as follows:
• If no flight winners are qualified seniors, only a Net Champion will be registered.
• If one flight winner is a qualified senior, that winner will be registered for Net TOCC flights as the Senior Net Champion, and the other two flight winners will play off to determine Net Champion.
• If two flight winners are qualified seniors, those two will play off to determine Senior Net Champion. The other flight winner will be registered as Net Champion.
• If all three flight winners are seniors, the play off will determine Net Champion. There will be only one entry.
If we have one opening in the Net TOCC category, all qualified winners in Net Flights will play off as described above with the winner to be registered as Net Club Champion, regardless of age.

Club policy allows the SCGA entry fee to be paid by the Men’s Club. The entry fee covers green fees, use of cart, and luncheon reception at the site of the event. Other expenses related to the event must be paid by the participant.

ERMGC Board of Directors
April 12, 2012