2015 2-Man Scramble

FORMAT: 2-Man teams. Flight will be determined based on the average index of the partners. Both team members hit from the tee on each hole. The team selects one of the tee shots and both team members hit from that location. The procedure is repeated until the ball is holed. The winner is the team with the lowest score for 18 holes. Team handicaps (as described below) will be subtracted from gross scores in the A, B and C Net flights.
HANDICAP CALCULATION: The maximum allowable individual course handicap differential between partners is six (6) strokes. If the higher course handicap is more than six strokes greater than the lower, it will be reduced. The team handicap (USGA recommendation) is calculated by adding 35% of the lower course handicap and 15% of the higher course handicap. The team must use at least four tee shots from each member on the front nine and at least four tee shots from each member on the back nine.
Championship Flight (Gross) - Blue
A Flight (>10.0) - Blue
B Flight (10.1-15.0) - Green
C Flight (<15.1) - White
ENTRY DEADLINE: Tuesday midnight before the tournament date
REFUND POLICY: Full refund if requested prior to closing date. No refunds will be honored after tee times have been posted for the event.
GREEN FEES: The Men’s Club does not set the cost for Green Fees. Please speak to the Encinitas Ranch golf course regarding fees and coupon usage. Shotguns do not allow the use of JC Coupons. Handicap