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Tournament: 2017 ALL MEMBER INVITATIONAL, October 22

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Subject: Men’s Club October Invitational Tournament and Fall Finish

October Invitational Tournament: Flighted Individual Net Event Now Open to Guests!

The ERMGC October Invitational Tournament, a joint event being held in association with the Encinitas Ranch Women’s Golf Club, will be held on Sunday, October 22nd, with a shotgun start at 8:00 a.m. followed by a hosted hospitality event at the Encinitas Ranch Grille at the conclusion of play. More details are available on the home page of Entries are due no later than Tuesday, October 17th. Men’s Club members and Associate members should register and pay their tournament entry fee of $25 on the “Tournaments” page of the website.

The Women’s Club is allowing its members to register guests for this event and the Men’s Club is happy to announce that it will allow its members to register non-member guests, too. In order to register a guest, the guest must have a current GHIN handicap index and payment of the guest’s entry fee of $25 must be received prior to play. To register your guest(s), please send their name(s), GHIN #(s), and email addresses to Dick Beckman at following the format in the table below.

Player Name GHIN # Email Address
Comments: (include pairing requests)

No registration will be complete until the $25 tournament entry fee for each guest has been received. Checks for entry fees should be made payable to ERMGC. Mail checks to Attn: Dick Beckman, 10962 Cloverhurst Way, San Diego, CA 92130.

Remember, the first fifty Club Members to register for this event are automatically entered into the October Birdie Fest, so sign up early! (Sorry, guests are not eligible for this contest, but are eligible for all other contests and prizes.)

2017 Fall Finish: New 2017-2018 Points Cup Championship and New Gold and Silver Circle Memberships

The ERMGC Board of Directors is pleased to announce the following new benefits to the Club’s tournament players, effective immediately and applicable to the “2017 Fall Finish”:

•2017-2018 Points Cup Championship:
Think you are out of the running for the ERMGC Points Cup Championship? Think again! In addition to receiving points toward the 2017 Points Cup Championship, participants in the three remaining 2017 ERMGC tournaments will be awarded points toward the new 2017-2018 Points Cup Championship. In a manner similar to the PGA Tour’s FedEx Cup Championship, ERMGC will begin observing a “wraparound” Points Cup season. The 2017-2018 Points Cup Championship will start with the October 2017 All-Member Invitational Tournament and end with the September 2018 Club Championship. The top eight 2017-2018 Points Cup finishers in each flight will receive an invitation to play in the October 2018 Points Cup Championship Tournament, which will kick off the 2018-2019 Points Cup Championship season.

As the new wraparound season is commenced, the 2017 Points Cup Championship will continue to its conclusion under the preexisting 2017 Rules of Competition. Participants in the three remaining 2017 ERMGC events will receive points toward the 2017 Points Cup Championship and the top four finishers in each flight will receive an invitation to play in the 2017 Points Cup Championship Tournament held on December 10, 2017. Thus, points for the three remaining 2017 events will be awarded concurrently for the 2017 Points Cup Championship and the new 2017-2018 Points Cup Championship season.

•Gold and Silver Circle Memberships:

In appreciation of our most loyal Club Members, the ERMGC Board of Directors will award Gold Circle Memberships to Club Members who enter ten or more tournaments during a calendar year. At the conclusion of each year, Gold Circle Members will receive an article of Encinitas Ranch logo apparel identifying them as a Gold Circle Member. Based on play through the September 2017 Club Championship, the following members are currently candidates for a 2017 Gold Circle Membership:

Lou Kessing (9 events), Ron Peterson (9), Mark Grassi (9)
William Gladstone (9), Eric Diaz (8), Dennis Aiken (8)
Paul Latchford (8), Peter Sertic (8), Don Lucarelli (7)

For Club Members who enter between six and nine tournaments in a calendar year, the ERMGC Board of Directors will award Silver Circle Memberships to these players. Silver Circle Members who renew their club membership in the following year will receive free entry into one ERMGC tournament of the member’s choosing in the following year, worth up to $30 in fee waivers. Based on play through the September 2017 Club Championship, the following Club Members (in addition to the Club Members named above) are currently candidates for a 2017 Silver Circle Membership:

6 events to date:
John Gothard, Dick Beckman, Ken Wolff,
Jim Haile, Robert Wilkes, Milo Hama, and Cyrus Gladstone

5 events to date:
Jim Brakas, Dale Clark, Ray Chandler,
Sean Galleher, Jeff Collins, and John Tremblatt

4 events to date:
Stephen Johnson, James Wagner, Don Dea, Al Pak,
Joe Annicharico, Tony Mancuso, Perry Williams,
Dan Silverstein, Scott Samuelson,
Harry House, and Paul Murray

3 events to date:
Jim Heiser, Eric Bader, Bill Carli, Emilio Cordero,
Greg Baumann, Jeremy Lamson, Jeff Bloom,
Mike Lamson, Kevin Murphy, John Johur,
Henry Michan, and David Sandoval

(If you believe you have been omitted from either of the foregoing lists erroneously,
please send an email to Al Pak at identifying the 2017 events
you entered and we will make the appropriate corrections.
We apologize for any mistakes in advance!)

We are currently working with the management of the Encinitas Ranch Golf Course to provide our members with additional future rewards and benefits for participating in our events. If you have any ideas or comments on how to improve our events or enhance the tournament experience we provide, please send your thoughts to or Thank you participating in the Encinitas Ranch Men’s Golf Club. We look forward to seeing you at the three remaining 2017 Fall Finish events!

Need help registering? Questions about the event? Contact Dick Beckman .

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