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Tournament: 2017 2 Man Better Ball and SCGA Qualifier, June 4.

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The Men's Club would like to thank Le Papagayo for sponsoring the SCGA Qualifying Tournament.

Format: We will be running 2 separate tournaments on the same day. You will only play in one!
Both of these tournaments are listed on the entry screen. Make sure you sign up for the correct one!

Option 1. – 2017 June SCGA Four-Ball Qualifier

FORMAT: Two-man teams, 18 holes of stroke play, with the better net score of the partners to count as the team score on each hole. Each player receives 90% (men) and 95% (women) of their course handicap. If a player’s index is above 18.4, the player will play to an 18.4. If partners’ course handicaps differ by more than 8 strokes, an additional 10% reduction will be applied to their course handicaps (USGA recommendation). The team with the best NET score total from the BLUE TEES will have the opportunity to represent ERMGC in the SCGA 4-Ball Tournament Qualifier (August or September) with the SCGA entry fee paid by the club. The team with the second best NET score will have the opportunity to enter the SCGA Four-Ball with the fee paid by the team. During this tournament only, we have an extra flight, that being B+ flight. This is for the teams that want to qualify for the SCGA event.

Option 2. – 2017 June Stroke Play

FORMAT: 18 holes stroke play for B flight (if not trying to qualify) and C flight if index is above 18.4 and not trying to qualify.

Tournament 1

2017 SCGA Four-Ball Qualifier (All A Flight will be required to play in this tournament)(Optional B Flight)

NOTE: There are two options for those who wish to play in the June weekend event: 1) Four-Ball Qualifier (two-person better ball), and 2) Stroke Play for those not qualifying. Players must select one event when registering.

To register for this tournament go to: Registration

Tournament: 2017 Member Guest, Sunday, July 18

Jim and Lorie Brakas

FORMAT: 18 holes of stroke play with the club member and his guest playing as a team. The better net score counts as the team score on each hole. A ‘Peoria Flight’ is available for teams when the guest does not have a current handicap index. Teams in the Peoria Flight must record the better GROSS score of partners as the team score and the committee will calculate the handicap and net score for each team at the conclusion of the round using the Modified Peoria System.

SIGNUP: If available, please provide the GHIN # for your partner when you sign up.