Improve your game with weekly competition
at the Encinitas Ranch Golf Course


As a member, you are invited to participate in Wednesday Sweeps and enjoy the good company of your fellow club members, competition in the spirit of the game, and the fine golf experience at the Encinitas Ranch Golf Course.


The Men’s Club has tee times on Wednesday mornings reserved exclusively for members. Non-members may not play in Wednesday Sweeps competitions. These tee times generally begin at 7:00AM and end at 9:00AM.

The Sign-Up Sheet is available Wednesday AM in the golf shop to register for play on the following Wednesday. Legibly print your FULL NAME and GHIN# on this sheet in an open time slot. If we cannot read your name and confirm your membership, your name will not be transferred to the reservation list in the golf shop computer. The sheet has a “wait list” section if all spaces in assigned times have been taken.

You may register yourself and up to three other members. Please note that each person on the list is held responsible if he fails to show up for the tee time. Don’t register someone without their permission and knowledge. See the “No Show” policy below.

Call the Golf Shop (760.944.1936) at any time after Wednesday to see if there are vacancies in the Men’s Club tee times. The staff will add you to the reservation list if there is an opening.

Play as a Walk-On if you do not have a reservation. Typically, there are openings due to cancellations. Check in with the starter; tell him that you are a Men’s Club member and that you would like to be added to the walk-on list. Be sure to pay your green fees and register for the competition BEFORE you play.


To maintain a good relationship with the golf course and to ensure that tee times are available for all members who wish to play on Wednesdays, we strongly discourage no-shows. If your name is on the sign-up sheet, you are responsible for showing up— even if someone else placed your name on the sheet. If you cannot make your tee time, you must notify the pro shop 24 hours in advance. The first time you fail to show without calling the pro shop, you will receive a warning. A second failure will result in suspension of Wednesday play privileges for one week. A third offense will result in suspension from all Men’s Club activities for one month.


Check in at the golf shop to confirm your tee time and pay your green fees.

Register for the Competition. Typically, this is a “Sweeps” tournament in which members compete at stroke play in flights defined by handicap index. When you play in the Men’s Club tee times, entry in the competition is MANDATORY. You must pay the $5 entry fee. New members are excused from the competition if they do not yet have a current handicap index.

Complete the Entry Envelope. Print your FULL NAME legibly. If playing in the net flights, fill in your current handicap index and your course handicap for the tees you will be playing. Check the box indicating your flight based on your current index as shown in the table below. The Championship Flight is played at scratch. Net Flights are played with full course handicaps.

Place your Entry Fee in the envelope and place the envelope in the lock box BEFORE you play. Late entries will be disqualified.

Prepare a Scorecard. You will be required to turn in an INDIVIDUAL scorecard at the end of the round. This card will have YOUR SCORES ONLY on the card. Print your full name, GHIN#, and tees played legibly on the card. On the first tee, exchange scorecards with another player who will be your marker.

B NET GREEN 10.1 TO 15.0


GHIN System handicap indexes are updated on the 1st and the 15th of every month. Look up your current index in the computer before registering for the competition. The player is responsible for entering the correct flight and recording the correct course handicap.


The following options are available when playing in the Wednesday Sweeps tournament:

You may elect to play in a LOWER FLIGHT than indicated by your index in the flight chart. However, to do so you must enter the Sweeps with a Course Handicap as though your Handicap Index was at the maximum allowed in the flight chart. For example, if your current Handicap Index is 14.2 (normally B Net) and you elect to play in the A Net Flight from the blue tees, you must enter your Course Handicap as though your current Handicap Index is 10.0 (maximum for A Net). In this case, you are electing to play in A Net with a Course Handicap of 11 instead of playing in B Net with a Course Handicap of 16.

Members with Lower Handicaps (Index 10.0 or lower) may elect to compete simultaneously in Championship Flight (at scratch) and A Net Flight (with handicap). To do so, check BOTH flight boxes on the envelope and PAY TWO ENTRY FEES. Enter Handicap Index and Course Handicap information for calculation of A Net score. This player is eligible to win in either or both flights.


Typically on the first Wednesday of the month, someone from the golf course staff will play in one of the Sweeps pairings. Men’s Club members can choose to compete against the “pro” (staff player). Before your round that day, you can wager from $5 up to $25 that your NET score will beat the pro’s GROSS score.

YOU CAN’T LOSE! If you beat the pro, you receive a gift certificate for DOUBLE the amount of your wager. If the pro ties or beats your score, you still get a gift certificate equal to the FULL amount of your wager.

“Beat the Pro” gift certificates are valid for golf shop merchandise only.


Players are responsible for knowing the rules, and every player has an obligation to see that the rules are applied. If a player allows a fellow competitor to play a ‘mulligan’, pick up a ‘gimme’ putt, improve his lie, or otherwise breach the rules without applying the appropriate penalty, both players will be disqualified (Rule 13). If a rules violation is observed, it should be reported to the tournament chairman.

USGA Rules apply to all Men’s Club competitions. The Rules of Golf are strictly observed unless the format of the event provides for special rules. Any such special rules will be made available to all players prior to the competition.

Local Rules as printed on the scorecard also apply. In addition, we adopt the local rule for EMBEDDED BALL (see Appendix I B-4a) permitting relief through the green— which is the whole area of the course except bunkers and water hazards.

Dropping Zones are not used unless they are MARKED. “Customary” dropping zones are not recognized in our competitions.

Local Rule for Provisional Ball under Rule 26 Water Hazards (Appendix I B-1). In summary, the local rule allows a ball to be played PROVISIONALLY under any of the options in 26-1. We adopt this rule to speed play, because it can be difficult to determine (without going forward) whether a ball played toward a hazard is in play beyond the hazard.

Speedy Play is expected. Maintain your position on the course, play “ready golf” and be prepared to play when it is your turn. Play a provisional ball if your ball may be lost or out of bounds (Rule 27-2). Your group will be considered OUT OF POSITION if both of these apply:1) you are behind the pace required to finish in 4 hours/20 minutes, AND 2) there is a gap between you and the group ahead.


You will be warned if your group is OUT OF POSITION. If your pace does not improve, a staff member may require your group to discontinue play of a hole or to skip a hole, and move to the next tee. In this situation, all players in the group must record the gross score that would result in NET BOGEY for the hole not completed.


A Scorecard with ONLY YOUR SCORES must be turned in to the scorer. Before you submit your scorecard, confirm that the correct scores for each hole are printed legibly, and that you and your marker have signed the card. Your full name, GHIN #, tees played, gross score, course handicap, and net score must be LEGIBLE. If any information is not legible, you may be disqualified.

Fill in the Posting Sheet for your flight with required information, including your full name, GHIN #, gross score, course handicap, and net score.

Post your ADJUSTED Gross Score in the Computer. Adjust your score, if necessary, according to the Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) chart below. Men’s Club Wednesday golf must be posted as NON-TOURNAMENT rounds. Failure to post or posting an incorrect score can result in application of a penalty round. Notify the handicap chairman if you make an error when posting in the computer or online.

10 TO 19 7
20 TO 29 8
30 TO 39 9


All prizes are awarded in the form of Encinitas Ranch GIFT CERTIFICATES. These can be redeemed for merchandise, range balls, golf lessons, or JC Resorts “Players Club” memberships. Gift certificates may be claimed within 2 or 3 days after the competition by asking for them in person at the golf shop desk. Check the website to see if you won. Results are usually posted by the end of day Thursday.

Total Prize Fund Available is based on the number of participants each week. All entry fees received plus an additional subsidy from Men’s Club funds are paid to that day’s winners. The amount awarded in each flight is proportionate to the number of players in the flight. Prizes are also awarded for Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin from each set of tees.