The Points Cup is a year-long competition to earn points for playing and placing in ERMGC weekend tournaments. After the December Stroke Play Tournament, the top four players in the points standings from each NET flight will play in an additional, limited-field event to determine Points Cup winners. There is no entry fee required for the Points Cup final.

Points are awarded to NET flight participants in every weekend tournament as follows:


Place Place Poinsettia Cup & Bonus Events Club Championship
1st 20 30 30
2nd 17 25 25
3rd 15 22 22
4th 14 20
5th 13 19 16
6th 11 17
7th 10 15
8th 8 13
9th 7 11 11
Participation 5 7 7

Flight assignments for the Points Cup limited-field final are based on Current Index as of December 1 revision date of GHIN Handicap Index using the following table:

Flight Index Range
A Net 10.0 and lower
B Net 10.1 – 15.0
C Net 15.1 and higher

All points earned throughout the year when competing in NET flights are used to determine player standings within the flight assigned as of December 1, without regard to the NET flight in which the player earned points. (No points are awarded for players competing in the Championship flight.)

Question: Player “A” with a December 1 index of 10.2 has earned a total of 81 points with 57 points earned while competing in A Flight and 24 points earned in B Flight. His total of 81 ranks fourth in the A Net standings and ranks fifth in the B Net standings. May the player elect to play in the A Net flight because he earned the majority of his total points in that flight?
Answer: No. The player is assigned to B Net flight based on his December 1 current index.

Ties for Points Cup final eligibility will be decided as follows in order of application:
1. Player with the most points earned in the Poinsettia Cup.
2. Player with the most points earned in the Club Championship.
3. Player with the most points earned in December Stroke Play event.

If a player in the top four of the standings for any NET flight after the December Stroke Play Tournament declines to participate, the fifth player in the rankings becomes eligible. If that player declines, the sixth player becomes eligible, and so on. The field for each flight can include no more than four, but can be fewer if players decline to play as they become eligible and a full field of four cannot be reached.

Ties for first place in any flight at the conclusion of the Points Cup final will be decided by a hole-by-hole playoff. Ties for second or third place will be decided by matching score cards (USGA Handicap System 9-5).